Fairbrush, the toothbrush that cleans the earth. A German design of uniqueness, kindness, eco-friendliness, simplicity, functionality and convenience. The Fairbrush is especially made for you to receive that ‘feel good feeling’. Fairbrush is besides being eco-friendly also socially responsible, buy a Fairbrush and share your smile with a person in need of oral care in underdeveloped countries. Clean your teeth, clean the earth. 

Convenience on your doorstep


Fairbrush possesses of an automatic reminder system to replace your toothbrush every three months. To make it even easier, you receive your brand new Fairbrush at home. Reliable and classified dentists support to replace your toothbrush every three months for an ultimate result. A healthier way of living in the most convinient way is on your doorstep. 

Sharing is caring


Share your smile by giving. Every Fairbrush purchase doubles, to help the people who are in need of oral care in underdeveloped countreis. You cannot imagine the fact to not have a toothbrush? In some parts of the world people have never owned a toothbrush. Now imagine providing those people with a proper toothbrush. Buy one toothbrush, give one toothbrush and share your smile. 

Hand in hand with the planet


The eco-friendly Fairbrush is made of biodegradable sustainable bamboo. This environment friendly product aims to decrease the plastic pollution on our earth. Plastic does not degrade, while bamboo does. What about the natural habitat of the pandas you say? No worry, bamboo is a plant, not wood. So, when you cut it back, it continues to grow. Clean your teeth; clean the earth. 

Toothbrush Adult
From 25,00 € 2
Pair Cup
20,00 € 2
Toothbrush Children
From 25,00 € 2
Single Cup
20,00 € 2

This is a Student Project of ARCADA University of Applied Sciences.